Good Friday

Just returned from church, and was struck at one point of the ceremony with this very desolate sense of being utterly alone and abandoned, tears welling to my eyes.  It was just momentary, and I sort of consider it a special grace.  I’m okay now.

I’ve been feeling sort of abandoned and desolate to a much smaller extent for many years in the Catholic Church here in America (note, I’ve never had problems with the popes, who have been very outspoken about our responsibility to mitigate environmental problems).  But here in America in my parishes, I’ve felt the American Catholic Church was turning more and more away from a  fully “pro-life” stance to focus more narrowly on abortion, and even more narrowly on medical abortions….refusing even to consider the miscarriages and birth defects caused by environmental pollution.  Some of my Catholic brethren have even ridiculed me for being concerned about environmental issues.  Why is one form of killing people wrong, and another form okay?  Beats me.  There are many many many pro-life issues.

I was recently thrilled when Bart Stupak voted for health care (another pro-life issue) and had Obama make an Executive Order re federal funding for abortions.  You may not be aware that the EPA came about through Nixon’s Executive Order, as did Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation.  Anyway, for many years I have stewed about how our tax dollars go for subsidizing and giving tax breaks to coal and oil.  It pained me that having myself become energy efficient/conservative, driving less, and going on 100% wind power, I was nevertheless paying for other people to pollute the earth & kill people on April 15th through my tax dollars.  Last fall in discussing this, I had lamented, “Where is Stupak when you really need him?”  Then after the health care passage, I looked up Stupak’s League of Conservation Voters scorecard (expecting Stupak to have a big fat zero, like so many other “pro-life” politicians), and found his score was very high.  Which just goes to show that some people can be more fully “pro-life.”  It’s not impossible.

I feel very close to Jesus today as he stands being riciduled, then crucified.  He gives me strength to stand up for what is right, even if it does go against the popular currents.  I am not alone.


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