HAPPY EASTER! He has raised our hopes!

It’s been 20 years since my “ecological conversion” from passive to active environmentalist and my lent which I spent nailed to the cross as the Good Thief next to Jesus because I had come to understand the harm I was doing through environmental harms, but was initially unable to see what could be done to reduce that harm (see about me ).  Since then we’ve reduced our greenhouse emissions (along with many other harms) by 60% or more below our 1990 emissions, without lowering living standards, even increasing them, and with huge monetary savings — that $6 low-flow showerhead w/ on-off soap-up switch, for instance, I figure has saved us $2000 in water and the energy to heat it.  And we don’t even notice the difference; the shower spray is just as invigorating, but more pleasantly spread.  I did do a bucket and stopwatch test when we installed it, and, yes, it cuts water flow per minute in half.  And our SunFrost frig, which cost us a whopping $2500 back in 1991 is still going strong, cutting our frig electricity by 90%, while keeping veggies fresh a lot lot longer, and hardly any noise.  I figure it paid for itself in electricity and reduced food spoilage (a bonus we had not expected) a few years ago, and is going on to save us money each month.  To test its efficiency we checked our electric bills when we first bought it — which did a big nose dive.

And, I’m champing at the bit, excited and hoping for a speedy release of the Chevy Volt, a plug-in hybrid car with a 40 mile range purely on electricity we can get from our home GreenMountain 100% wind-generated electricity, then drive on the wind for less than a $1 a gallon equivalence in electricity.  Then on those extremely rare trips when we go more than 40 miles (we drive less than 10 miles a day for more than 90% of our days, having made sure ever since the energy crunch in the 70s to buy homes very close to work), the ICE (internal combustion engine) kicks in and extends our range to 300 miles, before we need a refill. 

The Volt should be out end of this year, and I’m thinking to push for buying one in maybe 2 or 3 years (it will take at least that long for it to come here).  Please pray for my success in this.

Now you may be asking as my good Catholic neighbor did when I got all excited about the electric cars I thought were coming out in the mid-90s before they killed them (see WHO KILLED THE ELECTRIC CAR?), “I don’t hear God in any of this.  Where is God in all this?”

Well, you see (I told her), I think God likes it when you strive not to kill people.  That’s what I’m doing, hoping to reduce my killing of people….and fetuses, who are killed through ICE auto pollution, not to mention people and other parts of God’s creation being harmed and killed through acid rain, global warming, and many other problems.  In fact if we willy nilly kill without any remorse, repentance, or effort to stop, we might even jeopardize going to Heaven to be with God at the end of our journey here on earth.  An electric car might just be a vehicle to help us get to Heaven, fueled by God’s grace and great redemptive power.  The Good Thief on the cross had his excuse for not making amends and doing good — he was pinned down.  We don’t have those excuses.  Our faith, hope, and charity granted by God’s amazing grace compels us AND helps us to keep picking ourselves up again and again and again, trying to do right.

God is with us always!  Hallelujah, hallelujah!


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