If you smell sulfur, it’s got to be the devil

The recent post on Realclimate.org is poignant about “Climate Scientist Bashing.”  The level of evil in the world never fails to amaze and hurt me.  Twenty years ago when I started mitigating global warming and found it saved money rather than cost, I thought I would only need to tell people I knew about the problem & money-saving solutions, and they would tell others who would tell others, and the problem would be solved within 10, at most 20 years.  What I ran into was a brick wall.  What I have been witness to is unimaginable evil that pervades the world.  Hollywood in its most disgusting dystopic visions cannot come close.

Here is the comment I posted for the RC post:

Well, let’s look at the facts:

1. Since mitigating AGW saves money and is good for the economy (even if AGW is not happening, which it is), we have to rule out the economic motive for this level of denialsm and out-and-out lying and evil.

2. Since AGW harms would surely thrust us into political chaos — I’m thinking both anarchy and totatitarianism (people selling their souls to the despots and warlords to keep the barbarians outside the gates) — we can rule out people’s desire for freedom.

3. Since AGW will kill off a lot of life, including human life, we can rule out the “will to live” or at least “the will to have one’s progeny live.”

4. Well, there are those receiving short term gains by Exxon, Koch, and other frankencorp denialist funding, but that only explains denialism among those folks, and not the broad-based denialism by people not receiving such funding. And you’d think even those receiving such funding might be concerned about 1, 2, & 3. I mean, what are they going to do with their money, find another planet? Good luck!

There seem to be less and less socio-cultural-psychological explanations for this level of denialism and its ferocious viciousness. They certainly are not amenable to reason, humanitarianism, or even enlightened self interest.

Ergo, it seems to me more and more like it’s the work of the devil. For those familiar with the Twilight Zone, there is an episode “The Howling Man” (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Howling_Man ). In ordinary times the devil is locked up, and the wickedness in the world can easily be explained by human nature or our fallen nature, but there are times when things are just so evil, that ordinary reasons aren’t enough to explain it. So, it looks like someone has been deceived into thinking the devil is an unjustly locked up person, and has removed the “STAFF OF TRUTH” (don’t you love it) holding him locked in, and the devil has now escaped and is running rampage, corrupting humanity into very evil deeds.

That’s what is looks like to me…. So what do we need to fight the devil? I think the only weapon is humility. It looks pretty serious, pretty hopeless.


2 Responses to “If you smell sulfur, it’s got to be the devil”

  1. oakwood Says:

    Your website seems to confirm my view that belief in AGW has become a religion. You either believe or you are a heretic, denier (as in Holocaust Denier), evil, etc.

    I am a scientist and evironmentalist. I am also an atheist – both for God and AGW.

    I also believe in free speech, so happy to see you sharing your beliefs. However, I will not be surprised, if you do not publish my comments. RealClimate rarely publishes mine for the simple reason they are not interested in free speech, or even scientific balance, only their own propaganda.

  2. lynnvinc Says:

    RC has also blocked my comments at times too. They do have lots of people on there expressing doubt about AGW, but what really triggers a block is ad hominem attacks.

    Also, their spam filter is pretty strict, and I’ve found I have to copy & save my messages in case the spam filter blocks it, then try and figure out what word (or word within a word) triggered the block (like “cialis” in “socialism”). You have to write phharmacy or something like that if you want to write pharmacy.

    Well, I did write the devil thing “tongue-in-cheek”; I’m not going to let AGW deniers off the hook, by saying the devil made them do it. By “it,” I’m not only referring to denial in the face of plenty of scientific evidence, but also the vicious attacks and job- and death-threats against climate scientists. It’s become very very vicious.

    Now there’s this attack on the Pope, and it seems to me to be based on a bunch of false speculations and evil intent to defame him, but I don’t really know at this point. However, I do know it is over-the-top cruel and mean.

    The thought flitted thru my mind (just a wild idea) that the Pope has spoken quite openly against AGW and how we need to mitigate it. I’m just wondering if the same fossil-fuel funding might be behind attacks on the Pope to discredit him and shift focus, as it is behind a lot of the climate denialism. Check out http://www.exxonsecrets.com & search your favorite denialist org to see if it is funded by Exxon.

    Well, as they say, God is Truth, and scientific truths, though provisional and based on the best data and theory to date (which might change) are to be respected. My religion tells me to follow a truth-driven agenda of reducing my sin and harm to God’s creation, and not follow an agenda-driven “truth” in order to deny truth & get off the hook of responsiblity.

    Also as a research methods prof (who understands the conservative nature of science) AND a religious person, on AGW I follow the avoidance of the FALSE NEGATIVE (failing to mitigate a real problem) rather than following the scientific avoidance of the FALSE POSITIVE (making an untrue claim).

    So, yes, AGW is grist for my religious mill, if it is not my religion, per se.

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