A Bishop Speaks Out about Climate Change

Here is a copy & paste with links from the Catholic Coalition on Climate Change email I just received:

The Most Reverend William Skylstad, Bishop of Spokane, offered an inspirational speech to students and faculty at Gonzaga University [in Spokane, Washington].  “Facing the Wind-What are the Signs?” is a comprehensive primer on Catholic teaching on climate change.  He weaves together his personal stories with messages from the U.S. bishops and recent popes, including Pope Benedict who, Challenges us to become more aware of our carbon footprint and who is under it.  Sophomore Amanda Hernandez said, “The lecture made me think about how all of us are on this planet together.” Read his entire speech on the Coalition website. ”  Read more in the article from  Gonzago University.


One Response to “A Bishop Speaks Out about Climate Change”

  1. lynnvinc Says:

    I didn’t get a chance to read the whole speech, but I got to the part re Mathew 25:31-46, about “Whatsoever you do to the least of my brothers.” The bishop mentions — and I looked it up in my Bible — this applies to nations, as well as individuals:

    “…all the nations will be assembled before [the king, Jesus]. And he will separate them one from another, as a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats…” You know the rest.

    Wow, this is serious. As a nation we must do the right thing by the least of our brothers, or else. I know I’ve mainly been touting individual and household actions to mitigate climate change, but if our nation fails to do so at the national level, I’m thinking that sin fails back on us to some extent.

    That means we cannot be content to just do our own personal GHG reductions. We must get involve in national affairs to see to it something is done.

    I wonder if Jesus understood that one day there would be democracy in which we all participate more in our nation’s affairs. Or, was he referring mainly to autocratic monarchies, expecting the people as a whole to be responsible and do the right thing. If so, that places all the more responsibility on us in a democracy.

    Where is Stupak when you really need him, the only politico who would meet Jesus’s standard here — being anti-abortion, pro-national health care, and having a high environmental scorecard; being all around pro-life. I wish those evil tea-partiers had not threated him and his family so vilely, making him give up so as to protect his family. I think if it had been up to him alone, he would have risked those death threats to do right, but he had to do right by his family.

    We need an army of Stupaks to go up to Washington and get the right things done, so we won’t be counted as a goat. We need a country of people who are committed to righteousness, who will vote for the Stupaks in their districts. That such a tall order in this “me-me-me” nation of goats headed for hell. We’ve got to get started.

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