O Lord, help us to Mitigate Global Warming

I read here, “A Faithful Prayer of the Faithful.”  It is a criticism of what the author considers agenda-driven prayers, with the author’s most laughable and detested prayer:

 “For world leaders, that they may put an end to the disastrous effects of manmade global warming.”

 Here’s my response:

 In our church we don’t get a chance to participate; the reader will read out some set prayers.  Then for the rosary after mass, the leader will specify some set intentions.  So they never say anything about global warming, nor does our priest mention it.

 Considering the harm and death we are causing people and God’s creation through this problem — and our generation could trigger a massive warming lasting 100,000 years or more, as during the end-Permian when 95% of life on earth died, if we persist in profligately burning fossil fuels — we really do need all the prayers we can get.

 However, government only has a small role to play in this — though they also need our prayers.  This problem is unlike the ozone hole, acid rain, and other pollution, which were fairly well solved (though more needs to be done about them) without us even knowing about it — Nixon was the real hero to get us on that road.  Unlike those problems, GW requires us all to do our part, as JPII & BXVI have admonished us over & over to do.  And it does take a lot of prayer, but ultimately when you seek first the kingdom of God and its righteousness, all things will be added unto you.  We have reduced our GHG emissions by 60%+ and are saving money, without lowering our living standards.  We just need lots of prayer and God’s tremendous grace. 

 But perhaps the prayer should instead be, “Help us, O Lord, to mitigate global warming so as to reduce our harm to Your creation, and draw souls to heaven.”


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