And the anti-earth, anti-God, Satanist Award goes to…

A few days ago the host of the “Catholic Environmental Justice” blog in which I participate announced that his “Catholic Conservation Center” (see link to it in the left column) had won the “Fidelity Green Light Award,” given by

I checked out the CatholicCulture site and was very dismayed.  Here is what I posted on the Catholic Environmental Justice blog:

Happy Earth Day!  Let’s roll up our sleeves and root out the toxic spiritual pollution in our Church.

For instance, I just checked out the site, which gives out those “Fidelity Green Light Awards,” and what I found horrifies me.  There are so many anti-environmental, global warming denialist commentaries it makes me want to puke.  They are at least as bad as EWTN, and perhaps as bad as the Acton Institute — tho it’s hard to top Acton or Cardinal Pell (Australia).

So I looked up the ring-leader’s bio — Philip F. Lawler — and sure enough he’s an Exxon/Koch sell-your-soul-to-the-devil guy.  He was director of Studies at the Heritage Foundation, a global warming denialist propaganda-tank in DC, heavily funded by Exxon, and even more extremely funded by Koch Industries, which outspends Exxon by more than 3 to 1 to sow seeds of doubt about climate change….and perhaps they (Exxon/Koch/Heritage & other such orgs) are behind the vicious attacks on climate scientists, as well, and perhaps even against the Holy Father, since he’s spoken out plenty about how we all need to mitigate climate change.

So, anyway while your Catholic Conservation Center truly deserves a fidelity to Catholicism award, the certainly does not deserve its own award, but perhaps it can win the Satanist Award, altho the competition for that one is really stiff  🙂


4 Responses to “And the anti-earth, anti-God, Satanist Award goes to…”

  1. annie Says:

    Happy Earth day, Lynn.

    You really need to get the word out about your blog. Have you been visiting other Catholic/Environment blogs and leaving comments? The only way you will gain a readership is if you comment and leave a link that leads back to you.

  2. lynnvinc Says:

    I need to do that. I don’t think there are actually many such sites. I’ve left my link on the ones I know about. But Jesus was able to work with just a couple of fish and loaves, so with His help….

    What I have taken on as my new apostolate, aside from this blog, is going to sites with the anti-environmental comments by Catholics, and responding. I probably wouldn’t use this “satanist” rhetoric on those sites, though, bec being sassy and nasty just backfires. I typed those words out really fast, as I was getting ready to go to the Earth Day to-do on campus. Hope people take them as tongue-in-cheek.

    However, it is very naughty of me to fight nasty fire with nasty fire. Just because they call me a neopagan-pantheist-anti-human-atheist for being an environmentalist, doesn’t mean I should call them “satanists.” Besides, I wouldn’t want to let themselves off the hook with “the devil made me do it.” 🙂

  3. annie Says:

    Point taken. (how do you do those little smiley thingies??) Anyway, I would suggest going to any and all Catholic blogs you can land on. Everyone has their own voice and while you are hearing theirs (not necessarily environmental) they also find you. Voila! A door of thought may open for them. Hugs.

  4. A Der Spiegel Climate Denialism – Anti-Pope Connection? « Real Catholic Environmentalism Says:

    […] By lynnvinc Speaking of the devil — as a follow-up to my earlier post And the Anti-Earth, Anti-God, Satanist Award goes to… — I saw the head, Phil Lawler (formerly with the Exxon/Koch-funded […]

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