Bless you, Rome Reports!

I got into addressing the whole sordid Catholic anti-environmentalism after getting cable in Aug 2007 — so delighted I could finally watch EWTN — only to see a Rome Reports (Vatican) segment on Oct 17th “Is Benedict the First Eco-Pope?” that upset me.  It started out good, but then got into global warming denialism, saying some unspecified scientists doubted climate change, and figured the Pope did too; well, when he speaks for himself BXVI indicates he takes AGW seriously and tells us its our duty to mitigate it — so they basically called him a liar.  Then they interviewed Monckton (probably their unspecified “scientist”), a known contrarian, roundly debunked time and again by climate scientists.  See here, here, & here, etc.  Monckton told us the warming was not due to GHG emissions, but due to the sun being in a warmer phase (while real scientists tell us the sun is in a cooler phase).

Then they interviewed a fellow from the Acton Institute for the Study of Religion and Liberty, who warned about the danger that was much more serious than AGW killing off a big chuck of life on earth and us going to Hell for causing it, and that is the extremely serious danger of being a neopagan-pantheist-anti-human-atheist environmentalist.  Isn’t that sweet how much they care about the lost souls of all those types — if I ever meet one I’ll also try to save his/her soul.  But can you imagine this being a serious danger to EWTN viewers?  Tho you never know what those front-pew Catholics might be up to — witchcraft spells and all.  Nevertheless, it smelled like rotting red herring to me.

So, I looked up the Action Institute on and found they were heavily funded by Exxon to sow seeds of doubt about climate change.  See here.  Case closed.

I began wondering if EWTN were also infected by Exxon money; The World Over regularly features Fr. Sirico, head of Acton, who likewise trumpets the fear to neopaganism taking over, overshadowing any environmental harms.  (You have to go to the Acton website to see their more blatant climate denialism).

So, back to the main point of this post.  Rome Reports had a very very good environmental segment last night.  See here toward the end of their program.  They did not try to derail enviornmentalism or efforts to turn out lights not in use, but rightly said it entailed a full pro-life agenda — which is how I have always seen it, well before becoming a Catholic even.

Thank you, Rome Reports, for restoring my faith in midddle level Catholicism (I already have total faith in what the Holy Father says).   I hope EWTN on the whole follows suit.  Now if only the rank-and-file Catholics, front and back pew, would get on the environmental bandwagon and become totally pro-life, maybe we together could actually save some lives, AND  draw souls to Catholicism and to heaven.


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