Solutions to Global Warming plus

Here is an open forum to discuss solutions to GW.

My own experience is that through energy/resource conservation/efficiency we were able to reduce our greenhouse gases (GHGs) by around 25 – 33%.  Then with going on Green Mountain Energy 100% wind energy in 2002 when we moved to Texas, I figure in total our reduction to be more than 60% — without lowering living standards, improving them a bit, and with good financial savings.  The $6 low-flow showerhead with off-on soap-up switch I figure has saved us $2000 in water & heating that water over the past 20 years.  That’s better than the stock market, even when it was going up & up.  Our SunFrost frig, tho quite expensive has now paid for itself in energy savings (and less food spoilage), and is going on to save each year.

If we could get an EV or plug-in hybrid, then we could drive on the wind for 95% of our driving.  Pray for my husband to come around to this :).

RE nationwide ideas for industry, I think the book NATURAL CAPITALISM is a great book for ideas — one of the authors, Amory Lovins, is an engineer, head of the energy efficiency Rocky Mountain Institute.   One of the ideas is “tunneling through,” which has to do with designing to reduce as much energy requirement as possible (with same productivity), to the extent that, say, a motor can be dispensed with altogether.  In that way some industries have been able to reduce their energy requirement by 90% in parts of their operations, without lowering productivity.

We need the old American ingenuity put to these problems.  I have faith we can solve global warming.  We only need the heart and the will, and lots of prayers and lots of God’s grace, which He will surely provide for the asking. 

I have many other ideas.  But let’s hear from you.


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