Urge Key Senators to protect poor on climate bill

Here’s a message I got from the Catholic Coalition on Climate Change regarding the stalled climate/energy bill:

You may have heard that the introduction of the much-anticipated climate change bill by Senators Kerry, Lieberman and Graham is now on hold. Senator Graham announced over the weekend that he’s withdrawing his involvement amidst concerns over immigration legislation. Congress-watchers thought there was a chance this year for the bill to pass, an accomplishment which would then be followed by a tough process of melding it with the measure passed by the House last summer.  The South Carolina Senator’s withdrawal from the process significantly dims prospects for a final climate change bill this year. 

Members of the faith community, including Coalition partners, continue meetings with Senators and staff urging that the needs and concerns of poor people at home and abroad be the top priority of any legislation.  These conversations have not alleviated fears that provisions to protect poor people-especially funding to help the poorest countries around the world-are at all adequate.  Your voice is needed to help shape public policy on climate change and lay the groundwork for future bills. 

You can go to the Catholic Relief Services page, and click “Urge Key Senators…”:  http://actioncenter.crs.org/site/PageServer?pagename=ac_homepage 


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