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Red herrings, strawmen, and fake Catholic environmentalism

January 10, 2013

I’ve been looking at some supposedly Catholic environmentalist programs and posts (I may mention specific ones later), and it is interesting most of their time is spent knocking environmentalism and environmentalists in general (or the author’s stereotypes of such) and certain very rare strands of environmentalists in particular that they assume to be the dominant strands (like “human hater environmentalists,” who, let’s face it, are busy committing suicide, being the very being they detest so much, so they are really not all that much of a problem).  Much less of the program time or post space, if any at all, is spent in inspiring people to concrete environmental actions that can reduce harms and save lives, and that time and space mostly involves promoting an appreciation for the beauties of nature — conceived of as something beyond the fringes of our human civilization, and certainly NOT the air we breathe, water we drink, food we eat, chemicals that permeate our largest organ (our skin), materials with which we build our homes and products, and the climate in which we survive, thrive, and grow our food.

It’s like instead these Catholic “environmentalists” are giving their audience — which is certainly not the human-hater environmentalists, but mostly non-environmentally oriented Catholics (e.g., those who watch EWTN) — a reason not to do much to help the environment, but with a smug reassurance that they are quite superior in their belief system and philosophy to those #%#$@# environmentalists (‘cuse my French).

The comparable done with anti-abortion folks would go like this (addressed mainly to Catholics):  Catholic anti-abortionists are far superior to those non-Catholic anti-abortionists, who are surely going to hell for not being Catholic.   Their religious and philosophical takes on abortion — whether it be Protestant, Muslim, Hindu, or Neo-Pagan — are all cock-eyed and wrong, because their concept of God and man and the Eucharist are so non-Catholic, no matter how many women they may help to avoid having an abortion.  Not to mention even Catholic anti-abortionists plus all those others are a bunch of (or have a tendency to become) baby-worshippers, when only God should be worshipped.  So if you don’t happen to be anti-abortion or involved in anti-abortion activities, just feel very proud you are a Catholic.  Afterall the abortion issue is really not that bad, so you don’t have to be concerned about it much.  Just go out and hug some baby or look at a pretty picture of one, and that will do just fine.

‘Cuse my hyperbole!